The Owner

Owner of Gourmet Events Management LLC, also known as GEM Catering


Meet Robin Lipscomb-Stanford, chef-owner of GEM Catering in Columbus, Ohio. Robin began to develop her passion for cooking at home. While living in Columbus for over 15 years, Robin began to hone her creative cooking skills by creating, testing, and sharing her wonderful meals with family and friends. With this passion to satisfy the distinguishing palates of others, Robin used her delightful creations to inspire, heal and bring people together. As a result of the many positive comments about her creations, Robin was encouraged to start Gourmet Events Management LLC (GEM Catering) in February 2002. With the support of family and friends, GEM catering has grown and cultivated a large cliental following over the past six years.

With the realization that people enjoy eating good food and an expertise in entertaining, Robin was destined to take this opportunity to prepare special meals and create memorable experiences for her clients. Whether you are looking for cutting edge cuisine or a down-home event, Robin prides herself on taking care of every little detail. She is very well versed in a variety of cuisines and has a passion for creating food with great taste and appealing plate presentation that is nutritious for the body and the soul. Although Robin takes cooking seriously and can be a ”perfectionist chef”, she usually tries to find the humor in difficult situations and is pretty easy going.

GEM’s mission is to produce a true experience for all clients with the highest quality and standards. It offers spectacular catering for social, corporate, community and fine dining for any occasion. GEM strives to structure the meals and décor of each event to complement the personal vision of her clients and the entertainment of the client’s guests.