GEM Catering has developed menus that will appeal to a client or the client’s social gatherings, as well as business functions. Clients seek flexible and high level catering and professional services for buffet dinners, cocktail parties, and receptions. GEM’s introduction of new culinary techniques and cuisines satisfy any special requests that a client may have. GEM Catering offers inspired and exhilarating culinary menus with a variety of delicious, high quality food selections for any event, meeting, and social gathering. GEM’s signature items will be offered consistently, regardless of the event. Seasonal items will also be introduced at the appropriate time of the year to keep the menu options fresh and exciting. More moderate menus for breakfast and lunch meetings or small scale events are specially created for businesses, corporations and university institutions.

The act of breaking bread together is a tradition shared by communities throughout human history. We gather around shared food to mark special events in our lives whether they be happy or sad, ordinary or festive. Selecting the right menu to complement the tone, nature and style is an important step in planning your event.  GEM has experience designing and creating menus for every occasion and look forward to assisting you in completing this act of preparation.

Whether you choose a plated dinner, chef-driven presentation buffet, cocktail reception or a simple luncheon, we will use the utmost care in the preparation and presentation of your meal using the freshest and finest ingredients available.

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  1. Monica Craigmile

    I am in search of a caterer for my June 4, 2016 wedding at the Olde Gahanna Sanctuary. We are planning to have 200-250 guests and are hoping to keep the budget around $15 a person for dinner. I was wondering if you are able to meet our needs? Thank you!

    1. Post author


      Currently the website is under construction. I will make sure to send your information to the owner as the page will be completed with all information needed to contact her.


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